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BECE English Past Questions 2018

All BECE English Past Questions 2018. These past questions will be handy for pupils preparing for their BECE Exams.
The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is the main examination to qualify students for admission into secondary and vocational schools in Ghana and Nigeria. It is written after three years of junior high school education. It is conducted annually in June (Ghana), May/June (Nigeria).

Objective Test
45 minutes


From the alternatives lettered A to D, choose the one which most suitably completes each sentence.
1. Salifu was ……..surprised that he could not talk.
A. enough
B. so
C. what
D. which

2. This amount is all ………I have on me.
A. that
B. this
C. what
D. which

3. I am told the boy is a friend of ……….
A. he
B. him
C. his
D. he’s

4. Rice and beans ……a good meal for children.
A. are
B. have been
C. is
D. is being

5. Yaw is …….clever to be cheated.
A. quite
B. so
C. too
D. very

6. The two rivals are fond of insulting ………
A. each other
B. one another
C. one and the other
D. themselves

7. Of all the pupils in the class, Ekua is ……..
A. prettier
B. prettiest
C. the prettier
D. the prettiest

8. It is high time Adzo ……..home.
A. came
B. comes
C. has come
D. will come

9. You should be ……..more careful about what you say.
A. less
B. least
C. little
D. a little

10. Atsu is looking forward to ……..his friends at the party.
A. see
B. seeing
C. be seeing
D. have seen

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