Ancienne Épreuve d’Anglais BEPC Togo 2016

Ancienne Épreuve d’Anglais BEPC Togo 2016. Ancien sujet d’Anglais au BEPC Togo sessions 2016 téléchargement gratuit.

Obtenez gratuitement ici les questions de l’épreuve d’Anglais au BEPC Togolaise. Ces anciennes questions BEPC vont vous aidez à mieux préparer l’examen à venir.

Pays: Togo
Année: 2016
Mattière: Anglais
Examen: BEPC
Durée: 2 heurs
Coefficient: 2


Read the following text and answer the questions.

One Day all the people in town noticed that some dirt had fallen on the town, and they declared that the town would have to be purified. The purification they decided to do to purify every household was to give up one of its sons.

That is what they decided to do to purify the town. A woman there had only one child. This woman said, “My son is my only child so if I take him and give him up, where will I get another?” Someone said she should hide her son away, far inside the forest.

She took him away. She and her son built a secret room in the roof of a house, and she put her son there. He lived there, and every morning his mother would go and visit her son and give him food.

As she approached the house, she sang a song to let her son know she was coming. When the child heard the song, he came out to meet her. Another day, after she had come with food for her son, she noticed that the witches had caught her son and butchered him and shared the meat. She said,
“All people gave their sons, and I didn’t do it. If I had known, I would have given up my son for the purification.

1. What did the people notice?

2. How did the people decide to purify the town?

3. The woman didn’t hide her son. True or False?

4. What happened to the woman’s single son?

5. Do you think the woman was right to hide her son? Why or why not?

II- VOCABULARY (4 points)

Use the prefix meaning “not” to give the opposite of the following words and use any four of
them in sentences.
Example: interesting = uninteresting

1. Able

2. Necessary

3. Attentive

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