Online Registration Concours Police Cameroon 2023

Online Registration Concours Police Cameroon 2023. Online Registration procedure for the Cameroon Police Competitive Entrance Examination 2023. Step-by-step guide on how to register for the Cameroon Police Concours.

After the launch recently of the various competitions to integrate the Cameroonian police, the online registration phase for these competitions begins on November 30, 2023-2024, and ends on December 30, 2023-2024.

It should be remembered that it is in response to a need expressed by the Delegate General for National Security,  Martin Mbarga Nguelé, that the President of the Republic  Paul Biya authorized the recruitment for the next five years of 12,500 police officers within the National Safety.

Application files

See the application files here

Online Registration procedure for the Cameroon Police Competitive Entrance Examination 2023

The candidate of Cameroonian nationality, who wants to register online for the 2023-2024 Police Competitive Entrance Examination, must first carefully read the instructions relating to the competition (s) he is requesting.

When he is satisfied that his file is ready and complies with the decree of the competition he has chosen:

  1. The Candidate must have a working mobile phone.
  2. The Candidate must ensure that his telephone has a communication credit of at least  250 FCFA  if he subscribes to a single competition.
  3. When the Candidate is assured that the endowment of his telephone credit allows him to interact with the application, he sends by SMS, the code of the competition he has chosen to  8111
  4. The Candidate after this operation, receives an SMS which gives him his online registration number.
  5. When the Candidate has his registration number online, he can then start the registration at the address:

Online Registration Concours Police Cameroon 2023 – On the registration web platform

Once on, the first step is to integrate your phone number. Please note, this must be your phone number and it cannot be changed.

Registration procedure for the Cameroon Police Competition 2023

As soon as you enter your phone number, you will be offered a unique connection code valid for 24 hours to browse the platform. You can copy it for the future.

Once logged in, at the bottom of “New Applicants”, you can click “Get Started” and follow the process.

Registration procedure for the Cameroon Police Competition 2023

After clicking on « Start », choose from the drop-down list the competition for which you are applying.

Registration procedure for the Cameroon Police Competition 2023

Once the choice is made, a message in red is displayed indicating the competition code. For example, « text 02 to 8111 ». To send this message using the phone number you saved from the start. 250 CFA Francs will be debited to you.

Registration procedure for the Cameroon Police Competition 2023

Once you have done this, click on « Next » and enter the short six-digit number that you receive from the DGSN. Then all you have to do is easily fill in the boxes of the form that appear for the registration form.

Payment of fees

When the candidate has obtained his payment number:

  1. He easily goes to an Express Union counter where he makes a payment corresponding to the costs of the requested competition (s).
  2. He can also pay online by Express Union Mobile Money, Orange Money or MTN Mobile Money.
  3. This online registration phase is sanctioned by downloading and printing the registration form.
  4. Once the registration form has been printed, the candidate can submit their physical file to the regional delegation of the DGSN chosen during their online registration.

Filing guide

Deposit centres are set up in the ten regions of the country. The system in the application submission centres is made up of four (04) workshops as follows:

  1. Welcoming workshop for candidates.
  2. Records verification workshop.
  3. Filing workshop.
  4. Atelier d’assistance technique (SHALOM-3MG).

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