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A child burnt in Batibo amid Settling Of Scores between Separatists Factions

A child burnt in Batibo amid Settling Of Scores between Separatists Factions. According to sources, the Cameroon Arm Forces have denied their involvement in the recent raids in Batibo that led to the setting of ablaze of the house which burnt a child to death.

Reacting to a viral video on social media in which a man (alleged father) is seen crying over the corpse of a burnt child, Cameroon Army Spokesperson, Navy Captain Atonfack Guemo Cyrille Serge said it was a hoax.

The authors, who posted this macabre video, attributed the origin of the fatal fire to elements of the Defence and security Forces, accused of having carried out a raid and set houses on fire in the Batibo locally, Momo Division, North-West Region.

The release further specifies that “the sad events of Batibo rather refer to a settling of scores between two identified terrorist criminal factions, which are causing death and disarray in the administrative regions of the North West and South West. They are the Ambazonian Defence Forces (ADF) led by the unscrupulous Ayaba Cho, and the Southern Cameroon Defence Forces (SOCADEF) under the orders of guru, Ebenezer Akwanga.”

The pseudo general Ayaba Cho dispatched men of his ADF to murder the alleged general Commando responsible for SOCADEF terrorist operations in the Batibo Sector but the so-called Commando fled with his wife, abandoning his baby in the hideout which also served as a depot for adulterated fuel and homemade gun powder.

The two highly flammable and explosive products helped fuel the house fire ordered in ultimate retaliation by the so called Big Efang alias Big Number, burning the baby in the process.

The Military has dismissed as fake secessionist propaganda, supported by certain media and national and international non-governmental organisations of well known editorial lines and allegiance that were echoing an alleged attack by the Defence and Security Forces in Batibo on February 11, 2020; pure lies and falsehood.

According to the Ministry of Defence the new episode of demonization of the defence and security forces seems to be part of a scheme to demoralise and even demobilise the forces in the conduct of their defence missions of the territorial integrity of the country and the protection of the people and their property.

What the defence ministry failed to say

In the said video, a man believed to be the victim’s father is seen weeping as he carries the child burnt to death.

The government in its release confirmed that the incident took place in Batibo in the North West region, but failed to show proof of having conducted in-depth findings

Details of the incident remain sketchy as the Ministry of Defence has not mentioned the name of the village, the family concerned, the name of the victim and other key aspects of the crime.

This and the relatively short response period have left many doubting if the ministry conducted an investigation.

It should be recalled that this is not the first time government or the army is denying grave rights abuses and misuse of power in the North West and South West regions, an assertion that has often proven false in the long run.

Why the crisis remains underreported

The Anglophone conflict which began five years ago has claimed thousands of lives. Some of the areas most affected by the prolonged war are interior and hard to access areas.

This alone makes the spread of information slow and hard. Despite daily rise in deaths, figures were only updated nearly two years ago.

The situation is further exacerbated by the lack of power supply and slow or inexistent internet connectivity, leaving residents cut off from the rest of the world.

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