How Schools Manage Lunch Break during this Covid-19 crisis?

How Schools Manage Lunch Break during this Covid-19 period is probably one of the key questions parents are asking themselves now.

With the dreaded Coronavirus still lurking around, preventive measure where taken and the sale of food on school premises are prohibited.

This will therefore go to say student or pupils won’t be able to buy anything to eat during the lunch break.

Schools have adopted various methods to handle lunch break since the start of classes on October 5, 2020. And in most cases, students can only bring their food from home and willl have to thoughly wash and sterilise their hands using a hand sanitiser before eating.

As regard the sahring of food, it is highly prohibited.

But the absence of canteens could prove very difficult for some students, especially those who can’t afford to bring snacks or foodstuff from home.

Some students are already versed with the habit of eating at the school canteen and the situation they find themselves now seems complicated.

Although most schools have closed their canteens, some Catholic and private schools on their part have decided to open their canteens under strict respect of barrier measures to protect their students.

Why others fear the selling of food in the school canteen, others see it as a better measure to protect students as they turn to  buy from opposite the school campus and from roadside vendors.

So, as per our own point of view, schools could still open their canteens, but limit the numbers of seller and strictly control the heigenic condition, as well as ensure that students or pupils wash their hands and sterilise them well.

Written by Infos Education

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