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Epreuve d’anglais probatoire 2019 Série C, D et TI

Epreuve d’anglais probatoire 2019 Série C, D et TI. Utilisez ces anciennes questions pour vous préparer aux prochains examens probatoires.

Comme vous le savez peut-être tous, les questions des examens antérieurs sont très importantes lors de la préparation d’un examen. Vous apprendrez à connaître des sujets particuliers et à vous familiariser avec des questions particulières

Answer all the questions

Section A: Grammar (10 marks)

I- Complete each blank with the correct word chosen from the ones in the brackets. (5 marks)

1-) __________They were tired, they continued working. (Though – But- SO)

2-) The candidates for the post of manager came ________ than expected for the interview (early, earlier, earliest)

3-) My sister has been staying with me____________ l came to Yaounde. (for, since, during)

4-) I ___________ read your letter unless you type it. (won’t, want, will)

5-)  Melanie was looking for the student __________ schoolbag was missing. (which, whose, whom)

II Fill in each blank with the correct form of the item in the brackets. (5 marks)

1-) The Ngondo festival . . . . . . . . .(to be) always celebrated in December.

2-) Most cats like . . . . . . . .mice. (to eat)

3-) The criminal ran . . . . . . . . . . .(fast) and disappeared into the forest.

4-) My younger brother was the. . . . . . . .. . . . (good) candidate in the BEPC examination.

5-) December is often the . . . . . . . . . . (hot) month of the year.

Section B: vocabulary (10 marks)

l- Choose one word among those in the brackets that does not collocate or go with the underlined word. Write your answer in the space provided. (5 marks)

1. Do you know how to (send, receive, forward, catch) _________ a message in your phone or computer.

2. Can you (dovunioad, delete, save, surf) ___________ a file in your computer?

3. In English you can break (a price, a record, a promise, a plate) _____________

4. My younger sister can make (a cake, sport, a mistake, an arrangement) ___________

5. Can we say we win (a team, a race, a competition, a match) _________

II Fill in each blank with the correct word or phrase of your own. (5 marks)

1-) Every year, a lot of people are seriously _________ in road accidents in Cameroon.

2-) It has been scientifically demonstrated that freeze-drying does not ___________ the taste of food.

3-) An electricity ____________ measures the amount of electricity consumed within a given

4-) In engineering or household application, current is often described as being either direct ____________ alternating.

5-) Anatole finished his meal, paid the _______________ and left the restaurant.

Section C: comprehension (10 marks)

Read the following passage carefully and answer all the questions on it. Use correct English sentences, and as far as possible, your own words.

Traffic was speeding along Yaoundé-Douala highway near Edea. It was mid-morning on a cold December day. Suddenly, families, businessman, buses and truckers were plunged
into a wall of deadly fog. Unable to sec more than the length of a bus in front of them, 16
cars, vans and lorries crashed into each other in a huge pile-up. A woman and two men lay
dead in the remains of their cars and many more injured and trapped in their vehicles.

One of the first policemen on the scene, police Constable Ewane Paul recalls:”It was
terrifying, the worst I’ve seen in 17 years of traffic duty. There were so many crashes in the
fog that day that it took ambulances two hours to be through. There was nothing we could
do to help. It happened because people were going too fast and driving too close.
People were going at 80 kilometers per hour when a safe speed would have been 25
kilometers. You can’t help feeling a sense of hopelessness at people’s stupidity. They
follow each other like lemmings”.

What makes people deliberately play with death in this way? According to a recent survey
by the Ministry of Transport, many drivers are out of touch with the rules of the road and
the Highway Code. Besides, more and more people go against these rules and it’s not
unusual to spot drivers jumping red lights, overtaking on double white lines and taking
dangerous risks at road junctions. That’s why some people say it is becoming crucial to
reduce speed. They ask the government to impose that speed limiters should be fitted to
all vehicles- not just lorries and coaches.

But it is not just ignorance or speed that causes accidents. As more cars compete for
limited road space, an increasing number of motorists are turning into aggressive
There are no figures for the number of accidents caused by driver’s ignorance or
aggressive driving. Yet one fact emerges clearly, the most common and dangerous driving
error is simply driving too fast.

Adapted from Janet Hawkins, Bella, 9th 1993

1- What made it difficult for drivers to see at a distance that December day? What was the consequence of that? (2 marks)

2- Has the police Constable worked for a long time? Justify your answer. (2 marks)

3- How did Ewane explain the accident? {2 marks)

4- Find in the text 2 sound proofs that many drivers deliberately play with death. (2 marks)

5- What other reason is given to justify the high number of road accidents in the text? (1 mark)

6- What solution is suggested in the text to reduce the number of road accidents? ( 1 mark)

Section d: essay (10 marks)

Write an essay of between 200 to 250 words on any one of the following topics:

1. From your experience, what are the three major causes of road accidents in Cameroon?

2. Is computer science useful for students of General education? Support your point of
view with concrete examples.

3. AIl the people of your village believe that boys and girls must not be given equal
education, in accordance with their tradition. Write a letter to the chief of your village to
convince him and the villagers that things have changed and that all children are now
equal and should be given equal opportunities and rights at home and at school. The chief
of your village is called Chief Souahibou, His Post Office Box number is 21 and is located
in Kito. Your name is Moussa Issou and you are in Government High School in Olembe.

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