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How to recover a lost GCE certificate

You can Request for Duplicate Certificate from the GCE Board. This article provides you with information on how to recover a lost GCE certificate.

The GCE(General Certificate of Education) issues by the Cameroon GCE Board to sucessfull candidates who sat for the GCE exams is usually giving to Ordinary level students of the class of form 5 or Advanced level students of Upper Sixth.

With this certificate, sucessful candidates can use to seek for jobs or use as a document when applying for admission in a higher institute for further studies.

So, now, what happends if you missplaced your GCE Certificate? Cases of lost GCE certificates amy be rare but are common. And if you happened to have lost yours, check below the details guide and steps to take onorder to recover a lost GCE certificate.

By « Recovering your GCE certificate » here, we simple refer to the process of requesting for a GCE Certificate Duplicate from the GCE Board.



It should be noted that only sucessfuk GCE candidates are given a certificate. You can therefore only requrest for a GCE certificate duplicate if you have once sat for the exam and passed.

Requirements to recover lost GCE certificate

A duplicate certificate/results slip will be issued only when satisfactory evidence of the identity of the candidate is available. Where the Board is satisfied with the evidence provided in this respect and agrees to the issue of a duplicate certificate/results slip, a time gap of at least two working days will be allowed.

Applications to recover a lost GCE certificate or for a duplicate certificates/results slips shall be addressed to the Registrar. Such an application shall be accompanied by the following;

  1. A certificate of Loss issued by the police or other constituted authority.
  2. A duplicate certificate/results slip fee (amount to be fixed by the Council of the Board which is 50, 000 CFA).
  • Handwritten application with 1000 CFA Francs fiscal stamp.
  • A copy of the National Identity card for Cameroonians or residence permits for foreigners. Candidates living abroad not have their national identity card at hand should attach a copy of their International Passport. The International Passport page must bear their name, picture, and other details.
  • A Photocopy of Results slips or Certificate if available.
  • A Photocopy of Birth Certificate

How to deposit required documents

After compiling all the necessary documents, you will have to deposit at the Cameroon GENERAL CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION Board in Bamenda or Buea. You can deposit your documents at the Cameroon GCE Board’s main office located Opposite The Molyko Police Station, 10 meters walk from CUIB (Catholic University Institute of Buea). Take note that no other organisational body will account for that.

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