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Distance learning in Cameroon: Which platform to use?

Distance learning in Cameroon, an initiative by the Cameroon government to improve studies for student preparing for the upcoming exams.

It’s been a while since the distance learning system was introduced in Cameroon for those who are in examiniation classes.

Owing to the Covid-19 outbreak, health measures have to be taken, and one of such measures include keeping the distance from one another. In this light, the shift system was implemented for schools with many students and a distance learning platform was created.

The big question is how to access distance learning? some student is still asking is which platform to use for distance learning.

Distance learning in Cameroon platform in Cameroon

For those in examination classes both the Anglophone and Francophone sub-systems, you can get revision classes from the online e-learning platform create especaiily for you.

According to Professor Nalova Lyonga over 300 lessons will be prepared and uploaded on the online platform which can be accessed by students at any time.

This is how to go about with the distance learning stuff;

  • From your computer or smartphone, visit
  • Next, choose your educational system (French or English).
  • After choosing your educational sub-system, you will have to choose your class to see all the available video revision courses to exploit.

About the distance learning platform

The e-learning or distance learning platform is divided into the Francophone and Anglophone sub-systems. And to be more pricised, only lessons for examination classes can be found there.

You may not find many lessons on the platform. Also, for every sub-system, we have lessons for those in the General education, technical and teachers training schools.

The video lesson notes are all embedded from the e-learning platform’s YouTube channel. So, alternatively, you can directly follow the YouTube channel to get notified on updates.

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