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BECE English Correction (Answers) 2024-2025

BECE English Correction (Answers) 2024-2025. The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is the main examination to qualify students for admission into secondary and vocational schools in Ghana and Nigeria.

1. B. so
2. A. that
3. C. his
4. C. is
5. C. too
6. A. each other
7. D. the prettiest
8. A. came
9. D. a little
10. B. seeing
11. D. the greater
12. D would have helped
13. C. do
14. B. either
15. D. with
16. C. serious
17. B. advantage
18. A. afraid
19. D. suitable
20. B. great
21. D. will not be able to attend
22. D. selecting the best candidates
23. D the largest part
24. C. listened attentively
25. C. is preferred to all the others
26. A. assemble
27. D. swift
28. C. fresh
29. C. ashamed
30. C uncertain

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