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Cameroon GCE 2020 Results: Advance level and Ordinary level results

Cameroon GCE 2020 Results: The Cameroon GCE 2020 Advance level results as well as the Odinary level rsults are now officially out.

Download the official GCE Results from below.

The Registrar of the GCE Board is pleased to inform the general public and especially candidates of the 2020 Examinations organized by the Board that the Board has today, 2nd October 2020, released results of the 2020 GCE Board Certificate Examinations.

Candidates will be able to verify their results at the centres where they registered for the examination. In addition, the Results will be read on the radio. Candidates will be able to obtain their results slips from their registration centres sometime later.

Press release for the GCE 2020 results

The Press Communique for the Cameroon General Certificate of Education shall carry the following information:

  • the overall performance of candidates in the 2020 examinations,
  • major highlights of the results,
  • malpractices,
  • future perspectives for the development of examinations organized by the Board,
  • a note of appreciation to all partners and collaborators,
  • the detail results of candidates,

The overall performance of the Cameroon GCE 2020 Results

7100G.C.E Advanced Level4961348744752339421480269.632020
7101T.V.E Advanced Level748172921415037225569.082020
5100G.C.E Ordinary Level76121749541061479972695764.042020
5101T.V.E Intermediate Level11043108721555926494654.512020

Regional results stats

Centre203241993036213863606769.5620205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
West96049501936381312067.1620205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
North West52715167943407176065.9420205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
Littoral216332135025413994735665.5520205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
Adamawa13861377987050763.1820205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
South138413671684252561.5920205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
East113011092066844160.2320205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
North615609633927055.6720205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
South West14073138511997295655652.6720205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
Far North701693833835548.7720205100G.C.E Ordinary Level

Divisional Results of the Cameroon 2020 GCE Results

Faro10100919020205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
Bui505004198220205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
Mefou et Akono1061051832279.0520205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
Mefou-et-Afamba8278091861819176.3920205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
Mayo-Rey880627520205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
Mifi3041300733221179673.5320205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
Haut-Nkam513510336714371.9620205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
Nde377370726410671.3520205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
Mfoundi175041715431812059509570.320205100G.C.E Ordinary Level
Bamboutos124412281486136770.1120205100G.C.E Ordinary Level

Cameroon GCE 2020 A-Level and O-Level Results pdf

Finally the long-awaited GCE results. The announcement was made by the GCE Board Chair moments ago on national radio. Ordinary levels results have witnessed improvement from 62.15 in 2019 to 64.04% this year 2020. The advanced level result, however, dropped from 74.24 % in 2019 to 64. 4% in 2020.





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